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12 Things to Quickly Note

Many do not know they can actually make more money or increase their worth using of their handsets. The Information Age came with so great opportunities and advantages, the world can no longer be the same with the advent of the Internet in the early 90s. Many today became instant success, millionaires and billionaires taking advantage of the opportunities and benefit the ICT sector presents. Unlike what one of the Nigerian leaders said several years ago that having access to telephone is within the reach of the rich, but today the story has changed; even the so-called poor in the rural communities are having mobile and Internet access.

For most people who do not know that much more can be done to their advantage, they usually take the opportunities for granted, and use 10% of the opportunities or less to share their pictures, family’s images and most times, their emotions. With our internet-enabled phones, the world has become a global village, local efforts now becomes global initiatives; we can also make new friends, reunite with old or childhood friends and show to the world what efforts are they making in their own personal space. However, there are more we can do with these tools to better our lots, lift ourselves out of poverty and economically, socially and politically developed. Below are what I briefly highlight to broaden our knowledge and help each and everyone take good decisions in making use of our phones (Android, Smartphones, iPad, etc) in the year 2017:

1. LEARN NEW LANGUAGE(S) – With your phone, you can learn new language(s). There are online platforms (websites) you can actually access to learn new languages. If your phone is internet-enabled which I believe most people do subscribe to and spend their earnings every month on, you can learn either French language or other new languages for economic advantage. With French or other languages, you can work with any International organizations such as United Nations, African Union, ECOWAS to mention but few. Most of the undergraduate students can actually take this opportunity while in school and when they finally finished their program, they would not be looking for jobs at all; jobs are already waiting for them. Having understanding and knowledge in any of the UN languages can earn you a job, better still, while so many graduates are dying of hunger looking for jobs; there are plenty of jobs begging for someone internationally. If retired, you can become consultant too, what you need is just a link. Can you imagine earning your salary in dollars, not to talk of benefits that associated with such a job? Indeed, if your phone is being used properly, you can actually lift yourself out of poverty.

2. POSTING PICTURES – Not only personal but also beautiful locations or places using Instagram app or other platform can earn you money, cool. You can as well upload pictures of unimaginable or unbelievable events around your area or locality, this I believe can attract people to your page and call the attention of government if it is their responsibility. If you upload images and hashtag it, you can through this have more followers and in return become a voice or celebrity that international organizations and local ones are looking for.

3. BLOGGING – I believe many people are already doing this, but nothing stops you and me to start it. Tell me what Linda Ikeji is doing that you cannot do better? She’s today a millionaire and you too can become one, the only tool you need is a phone, a handset. Most of today’s updates are cut and paste; you can bring creativity and innovation you’re your own blogging and earn more money than the people you meet on the platform. Try this and see what will come out of it, this is work at home and earns more.

4. TWEETING YOUR PASSION – Tweeting your passion, events and situations around you; contributing to socio-political and economic situations of your country can earn you money and prestige. Why do you think people paid to get more followers on Twitter? It’s an opportunity to get client using followers and followings strategy and by this they get adverts and money too. With this, you can also be called upon to facilitate an event, anchor a show and/or become an activist (a voice to the voiceless). You can as well be invited as a speaker or a participant to international event(s) fully or partially sponsored. All within your reach using your phone; never limit yourself to white collar job; you hold one already.

5. SOCIAL MEDIA PRACTITIONER – This new Age throw up new professions which needs no formal or little education. Most of your friends who share updates or defend a political party, speak also for them or promote politicians are being paid for what they do. While you are busy contributing to their post, which is also good; they are also being paid while you just chat away. You have also those who manage their pages or help develop others doing so, so nothing stops you to become a social media practitioner and earn a living from such as well. Remember, you do not need more than a phone to do this.

6. GET CERTIFICATION OR DEGREE – If you can watch movies on Youtube through your phones, you can as well watch and listen to lectures via your phones. You can earn your B.Sc., Diploma, Advanced Diploma or Certificate in any area of choice online, the list is endless. There are free online courses, programmes and scholarships you can benefit from and participate in and earn your certification. This can be added to your CV, increase your experience and improve also your value and professionalism.

7. KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT – If you do not know, the world is gradually moving from Information Age to Entrepreneurial, Knowledge Economy. Never mind what’s going on in Nigeria, we do not learn in time and when we are ready to do things we do it abnormally, most especially our leaders. In this Age, we have more information flying around, so why can’t you arrange whatever information you have in your possession, process them, digest them and manage them to become sellable knowledge at higher price to people or organization. Nothing stops you to re-write and author a new book which you can sell on Amazon or any other platform online without thinking of the cost of publishing a book.

8. START A CAUSE OR JOIN ONE – With your phone, you can start a cause or join one online and promote it locally. Don’t just use your phone to abuse government of the day or any politician; you can use this tool to reshape the political and democratic space of your society. You can actually start a cause and promote also via your phone. You can form a group on Whatsapp, Facebook and the likes, and deliberate on issues that affect or concern you or your community. Your cause can be social, faith, political, economical, cultural or professional based, while you start this; an idea to run the group will flow and your status is changing gradually. You can be the change you are looking for, never also forget to think on how to raise money through the group. There are countless international organizations that are ready to fund small startups or groups; with this you can be lucky.

9. DEVELOP GOOD WRITING SKILL – With your phone, you can develop good writing skills and sell your articles online or write for online based organizations, there are so many organizations looking for good writers, you can be one and all what you need is just an idea. Your idea can be short or long sentences; it may even be your personal quotes. If you do not mind, you can develop your writing or communication skill over time, good grammar can also be developed as well.

10. SET AGENDA – A lot missed appointment or come behind schedule to meeting. Do you know you can use your calendar application on your phone to schedule appointment, set reminder and place your agenda in meeting your official or personal demands. Time is money and if you can manage your time well, you can manage your life.

11. INTERNATIONAL PARTICIPATION – You can participate in international meetings and contribute to global issues without leaving your room. I’ve done this on many occasions and believe many have used this opportunity too to participate and contribute to events or meetings online. You can actually make your impact felt via your phone, nothing should stop you no matter your profession or your level to do the same, there are so many international organizations that are looking for contributors or researchers. You too can make the world a better place to live and to learn. You may be the next Nelson Mandela or Head of Working Group(s) or International Organization(s). The choice is yours.

12. ATTRACT INTERNATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES – Most people that I’ve seen today flying here and there attracted international opportunities via their internet-enabled phones or gadgets hence why I could not blame some people who invested heavily in buying good phones; it may be due to the nature of their jobs or professions. Their participation online, surfing the Internet and voicing their opinions have attracted so many opportunities to them and better their lots in life. You too can benefit and attract opportunities to yourself and people around you.

I hope you will learn to make use of your phone to take the advantage of one or more of the things mentioned above. The list is endless, so make use of any of these before you ask for more. You can get more information via our Process Improvement Seminar.

Casey Olugbenga Adeleye is the National Coordinator of the Youth Crime Watch of Nigeria (, National Coordinator, African Centre for Citizens Orientation ( (an NGO in special consultative status with United Nations Economic and Social Council), Head, Secure Africa ( and Chief Strategy Officer, Pan African Institute for Entrepreneurship and Community Development ( based in Abuja, Nigeria

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